Looking for a place to work?

The Durham Solidarity Center has an opening for folks interested in co-working in an environment with other vibrant young community organizers.

The Durham Solidarity Center is a shared office, resource, and work space that seeks to support grassroots social justice efforts in the Triangle. Located in the Snow Building in downtown Durham, the Solidarity Center is run and supported by volunteers.

We are considering the following options, but are open to other things:

Co-working space in one room, shared with one other person – $150/mo per person
Co-working space in one room, not shared – $275/mo

Amenities Offered: Desk Space, Chairs, Shelf Space, We can offer a filing cabinet if desired. Free building wifi, access to basement conference room with 8-person conference table, basement has a kitchen area with refrigerator, microwave & vending machine. 24 hr climate controlled access. Shared access to printers, etc. can be arranged.

Great downtown location!!! The Durham Solidarity Center is located at 331 W. Main St. in the Snow Building.

The Durham Solidarity Center is a hate free zone. Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, and homophobia are not tolerated. In fact, we are seeking people who are actively working to obliterate these things.

Contact Elena Everett at actionforcommunity@gmail.com or 919-413-1276 (cell)