September Actions

Sept 12 – Topple White Supremacy: Pack the Courts & the Streets!

September 12 is the next court date for some of the anti-racist freedom fighters arrested in connection with the toppling of the Confederate statue that once stood in Durham. Show up in Durham to demonstrate our continued support for them and keep pushing forward the struggle to tear down white supremacy!

We will also honor the resistance in Charlottesville, VA on the one month anniversary of the murder of Heather Heyer, and the struggle across the South to tear down the vestiges of the Confederacy and white supremacy – from monuments, to the school to prison pipeline, police brutality, the prison industrial complex, and more.

Communities and organizers from Charlottesville to Durham have shown that now, more than ever, is the time to take bold and courageous action — to pick either the side of white supremacy or the side of freedom fighters who dare to envision a different and better world for us all.

Join us in Durham to take the side of freedom!

8:30 am – Gather outside the Durham County Courthouse

10:00 am – March to victory celebration at Durham Central Park (501 Foster St.)


We will hear from speakers and special guests, including:

Also, get limited edition, commemorative Do it like Durham tshirts and hats!

Sept. 12 event page

No Podran Arrancarnos Nuestros Suenos, Unete a la Lucha Por DACA, They Can’t Destroy Our Dreams, Unite in the Fight for DACA

El Comité de Acción Popular en coordinación con otros grupos de base hace un llamado a la comunidad y a los afectados por la decisión de suspender DACA a manifestarse y juntos tomar acción para que esta acción ejecutiva sea devuelta a nuestros jóvenes.

Lunes 11 de septiembre, 5:00pm 222 W. Hargett St, Raleigh

Comite De Accion Popular 

The Comite de Accion Popular, in coordination with other grassroots groups, calls on the community and those affected by the decision to suspend DACA to show out and take action against this attempt to deport our youth!

Monday, September 11, 5pm 222 W. Hargett St., Raleigh

Comite De Accion Popular 

Congratulations on making history, Durham!

The Durham Solidarity Center stands in solidarity with Charlottesville and those who took down the Durham Confederate Statue. We congratulate the people of Durham for their victory in tearing down one of the more visible manifestations of white supremacy.
On August 14, 2017, in the aftermath of a weekend of white supremacist terrorism unleashed in Charlottesville, the community of Durham united to express their solidarity with the people of Charlottesville, and honor those who were injured or lost their lives standing against racism.  The Durham community then took matters into their own hands, tearing down the Confederate monument outside the old Durham County Court House.
The Durham Solidarity Center supports the right of Durham and all people to tear down symbols of hate!
Onwards in the fight to tear them all down and fight back against white supremacy!

Celebrating Black August!


Black August History

The above image of George Jackson by Santiago Armengod and the following text are from

For many of us fighting the ravages of the prison industrial complex, George Jackson is a source of inspiration and discipline. Over forty years ago, George Jackson pleaded: Settle your quarrels, come together, understand the reality of our situation, understand that fascism is already here, that people are dying who could be saved, that generations more will die or live poor butchered half-lives if you fail to act. Do what must be done, discover your humanity and your love of Revolution. Pass on the torch. Join us, give your life for the people.  On August 21,1971, Jackson was assassinated by guards at San Quentin Prison during a prison rebellion.

The month of August bursts at the seams with histories of Black resistance–from the Haitian Revolution to the Nat Turner Rebellion, from the Fugitive Slave Law Convention and the foundation of the Underground Railroad to the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, from the March on Washington to the Watts Uprising, from the births of Marcus GarveyRussell Maroon Shoatz, and Fred Hampton to the deaths of W.E.B du Bois and George Jackson’s own younger brother Jonathan killed while attempting to free the Soledad Brothers from prison.  We celebrate Black August, commemorating the anniversary of George Jackson’s death while understanding his life as a revolutionary in a long and unbroken line of resistance and sacrifice of Black people throughout history.

Black August In The Park


Black Families, Black Food, Black Music. Black Community, Black Movements, Black Liberation.

Come celebrate and commemorate Black August with us at Durham Central Park. We will have music, activities for the whole familiy, feature organizations doing local, regional and national work to get us free. Black August in the Park is a space created specifically for people of the African Diaspora–their joy and healing. Whatever your Black looks like we want you to bring it to our space and be free!


Act With Immigrants in July!

Week of Calls: Free Mosa Hamadeesa!

FROM MERI: Mosa Hamadeesa has been a Raleigh resident for the last ten years and is an applicant of asylum. He was detained by ICE on Wednesday, May 31st. He is a father of four children and sole breadwinner for the family. One of his daughters has a rare form of cancer and is being treated at Duke Hospital. Mosa is an auto mechanic and serves the community through his hard work. Currently Mosa is being held at the Atlanta Detention Center and being refused adequate medical care and treatment.

Please make a call today to demand his immediate release so he can return home to his family!

Congressman David Price’s Office: 202-225-1784 | 919-859-5999

Sentator Thom Tillis’s Office: (202) 224-6342 | (919) 856-4630

ICE Field Office: 202-732-3000

Sample Script:

Hello my name is ________ and I’m calling on behalf of Mosa Hamadeesa, a Raleigh resident for the last ten years and applicant of asylum. He was detained by ICE on Wednesday, May 31st. He is a father of four children and sole breadwinner for the family. One of his daughters has a rare form of cancer and is being treated at Duke Hospital. Mosa is an auto mechanic and serves the community through his hard work. Currently Mosa is being held at the Atlanta Detention Center and being refused adequate medical care and treatment. We urge (ICE, Congressman Price, or Senator Tillis) to intervene immediately, and ask for the release of Mosa from ICE detention, his family and community need him at home in Raleigh.

Week of Calls facebook page

Stop the Attacks On Farmworkers!

FROM FLOC: [Espanol abajo] On July 12, 2017, Governor Cooper signed S615, rejecting requests from labor and immigrant rights organizations and other social justice NGOs for a veto. The bill was sponsored by farmers elected to the General Assembly and aimed at stopping migrant farmworkers from joining FLOC, the state’s only agricultural union, and winning improved working conditions through union agreements.

On Tuesday, July 18, Farmworkers will be joined by supporters from the Labor, Religious, and Faith leaders to publicize this disgraceful act of the NC government. Please show your support for farmworkers by joining us for a press conference and petition delivery to Gov. Cooper’s office.
**We will be meeting outside the Old State Capitol on Morgan St! facebook event

El 12 de julio de 2017, el gobernado Cooper firmo S615, negando peticiones de organizaciones laborales y en defensa de inmigrantes y otras organizaciones de justicia social para un paro. La ley fue patrocinada por rancheros elegidos a la Asamblea General y fue dirigida a detener la afiliacion a FLOC de lxs trabajadores del campo, el unico sindical agricola, y el logro de mejores condiciones laborales por acuerdos sindicales.

El martes, 18 de julio, trabajadores del campo se van a juntar con lideres del movimiento laboral y de la comunidad de fe para publicar la verguenza de esta ley hecha por del gobierno de NC. Por favor, muestra su solidaridad con lxs trabajadores del campo y unense con nosotros para una conferencia de prensa y entrega de peticion a la oficina del gobernador Cooper.
**Nos vamos a juntar fuera del Old State Capitol en la calle Morgan! evento en facebook

Summer Raleigh Movement Builders School | Construyendo Movimentos: Escuela de Raleigh

FROM PACT: Este mensaje se repetira en espanol abajo.

Gain valuable skills to become a leader in your neighborhood for truly affordable & sustainable housing, police accountability, fair jobs, healthy food options and everything in between. Childcare, spanish interpretation, and snacks provided with registration one week prior to each training!

If you are able, please make the recommended donation to help support the costs of the summer series! We recommend $10/training or $50 for any 5 or more.

For questions or more information, email or call 919-636-9857.

Movement Builders’ School on facebook


Desarolla tus habilidades para ser un lider en tu vecindario para vivienda economica y sostenible, la impunidad policial, trabajos justos, opciones de comida saludable, y mucho mas. Tendremos disponible cuidado de nino, interpretacion al espanol, y algo para picar si te registras con una semana de anticipacion.

Si es posible, porfavor contribuye la donacion recomendad para apoyar los costos de la serie! Recomendamos $10/sesion o $50 por 5 sesion o mas.

Para preguntas o mas informacion, contacte o llame al 919-636-9857. Hablamos espanol!

Escuela de Construyendo Movimentos en facebook

All Out for May Day, International Workers Day – May 1, 2017!

Art by Q Wideman


President Trump’s regime has shown in its first 100 days what they are all about: attacks on working people’s healthcare, raids and deportations, and the Muslim ban. In the first 100 days of 2017 we’ve seen increased attacks on women, LGBTQ people, workers, Muslims, Black and Latinx people.

• An end raids and deportations! Stop all check-points!
• ICE out of everywhere – Sanctuary cities, schools, neighborhoods!
• An end to racist police murders and brutality – Police out of our neighborhoods and schools! End excessive funding for police and prisons! Police accountability and community oversight!
• $15/hr, a union and collective bargaining rights for all workers
• An end to Islamophobia and the racist travel ban
• Independent People’s Investigation into the Durham Co. jail.
• An end to wars abroad! Cut funding for Pentagon and NATO to fund the people’s needs!
• Full repeal of House Bill 2 – No compromise with hate! No to Homophobia and transphobia
• Fully funded public jobs program and all public services! NO budget cuts!
• An end to rape culture & violence against women and LGBTQ people
• Environments free from all pollutants such as dumpsites, hog farms and destructive pipelines.
• Free and appropriate healthcare including reproductive and mental healthcare for all.
• Fully funded public schools including full-time teacher assistants, nurses and social workers as well as specialized art, music, world language and P.E. educators
• An end to the school to prison pipeline and a funded implementation of restorative discipline practices
• The right to build political & people’s power in the streets and at the ballot box

Rally: 10am Moore Square Park, 201 S. Blount St., Raleigh
March: 12noon to General Assembly, 16 W. Jones St.
Reunión/Rally: 1pm, Halifax Mall behind General Assembly, Raleigh

Lunch: 1:30pm at NCAE building (700 S Salisbury St, Raleigh)

2-4pm Forum on Islamphobia: 2pm at Ar-Razzaq Mosque, 1009 W Chapel Hill St, Durham (lunch provided)
5pm – Rally @ Site of new Durham Police Headquarters
6pm – Rally in front of Jail
7pm – Turn up at City Hill


More information:

To add your organization’s name to the list of endorsers for this action, email

ENDORSERS: Action NC | Beloved Community Center | Black Workers for Justice | BYP100 Durham | Comite Accion Popular | Comite Popular de Asheville por la Justicia Social | Comite Popular Somos Raleigh | Coalition for Health Care of North Carolina | C.P.U.S.A. | Durham Beyond Policing | Durham Solidarity Center | El Pueblo, Inc. | Hendfact Henderson Fuerza Activa | NARAL | N.C. Environmental Justice Network | NC Women United | Movement to End Racism & Islamophobia | Muslims for Social Justice | Raleigh PACT | Raise Up for $15 | Resource Generation | Si A Las Licencias N.C. | Southeastern Immigrant Rights Network | Southern Vision Alliance | Student Action with Farmworkers | Students for Democratic Society at N.C.S.U. | Triangle Showing Up for Racial Justice | UE local 150, NC Public Service Workers Union | William Peace University Spectrum Alliance | Workers World Party | Youth Organizing Institute

#MayDay #PrimeroMayo #TriangleStrike #May1 #NiUnaMas #Not1More #BlackLivesMatter #Fightfor15 #ShutitDown #GlobalMayDayStrike #Huelga #Diasininmigrante #daywithoutimmigrants #Daywithoutworkers

May Day/International Worker’s Day

Art by Q Wideman

Triangle May Day

May Day, also known as International Worker’s Day, is fast approaching! First observed in the late 1800s by an international coalition of socialist organizations, May Day marks the anniversary of the Haymarket affair (Wikipedia).

In solidarity with workers everywhere, the Triangle will join communities around the world on May 1st to celebrate people power and to demand justice for all, particularly our Black, Muslim, immigrant and LGBTQ brothers and sisters that are under attack right now!

Plans for this year’s May Day actions are still forming. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page if you would like to help plan May Day events. You can also find more information here.

Don’t miss the many events leading up to International Worker’s Day featured below.

Defend Full In-Person Visitation at the Durham Jail!

From Inside-Outside Alliance (IOA) Durham, NC

The Durham County Sheriff’s Department is threatening to take away in-person jail visitation and replace it with a glorified phone call. Families would no longer be allowed to visit loved ones on the inside.

Detainees in the Durham jail do not want this system implemented. As is, families are required to show up 30 minutes in advance for a 20 minute visit with plexiglass between them and their loved ones. The visits are cumbersome to schedule, especially for those who do not have internet access. The video system will require visitors to be physically present in the jail, and if/when external visits are permitted, it will cost visitors 20 cents to a dollar per minute – contributing to both the isolation and financial exploitation of detainees and their families.

Video visitation is dehumanizing and further isolates those on the inside from family, loved ones, clergy, and mentors. It negatively impacts mental health and makes it even more difficult for families to evaluate the status and well-being of detainees. 74 percent of jails using video-visitation have eliminated in-person visits, and the Durham jail is likely to follow suit (Prison Policy Initiative, 2015).

The county commissioners funds the jail, and the county approved a contract with GlobalTel the commissioners did not read. We the undersigned demand that the Sheriff and Durham County Commission do all that is necessary to ensure:

  1. That there is no reduction in in-person visitation for any trial of video-”visitation”.
  2. That glorified video-calls do not come to replace in any way in-person visitation.
  3. That all video visitation equipment currently installed in the lobby be removed and no new equipment added.

Sign the Petition

Photo by Alissa Ellis

Open House Success

Thank you for coming out and making our open house a smash hit with all ages! Not only did we have a lot of fun and get to know each other, we also got 50 new subscribers to our newsletter, 6 new monthly sustainers, and raised $160 in donations!

Special thanks to the amazing crew who helped plan, publicize, set up, DJ, cook, play, present and break down: Kristen Cox, Alissa Ellis, Elena Everett, D’Atra Jackson, Jillian Johnson, Connie Leeper, Marc Lee, Jess Jude, Eli Longnecker, Meghan Watts, Adam Pyburn, Dante Strobino, Loan Tran and Josh Zaslow!

Open House at the NEW Durham Solidarity Center location and 7th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate 7 years of freedom fighting and see our new digs! We’ve got some fun activities, presentations and surprises for all ages in the works! If you would like to help us plan, get the word out, decorate, and throw an amazing party, email to join our Open House Planning Team!

DSC Conference Room Reservations

Our new space has a small conference room that is available for rental on a sliding scale. The room seats up to 50 people and has a bathroom, small kitchenette, and wall for projection.

Visit to make a reservation!

Fight Back Fridays:
Volunteering & Co-Working

We are opening up Fridays at the Durham Solidarity Center for folks who want to help us set up, beautify, and organize, our new, larger space. We also want to provide space for folks to come together to work throughout the day on Friday.
Join us each Friday between 10 am – 4 pm!

Organizing for May Day: the third People’s Assembly

Over 100 community members came out to the third People’s Assembly on Saturday, February 25th, in Durham to begin planning for a monumental May Day this May 2017! Representatives from many of the local struggles for Black, immigrant, Muslim, worker, woman, environmental, and electoral rights and power showed up.

The People’s Assembly has established multiple working groups to continue the important work of building people’s power across the Triangle-area. The DSC is excited to join community members and many organizations as we build towards May Day 2017.

Email or call (919) 539-2051 to get involved or check us out on Facebook.

Loan on why they support the Durham Solidarity Center:
The Durham Solidarity Center’s commitment to the movement shines through with every crisis that breaks out, at every action, and wherever the frontlines take our people. The DSC helps us stay ready to take the streets, put our bodies on the line, and convene under a banner of unity, solidarity, and so much more. I am grateful for how DSC holds our community up and enables us to stay focused on the long battles ahead!

Fighting Trumpism In February

Only 19 days into his presidency, Durham has already held two rallies to protest Trump. On January 20th, we gathered downtown to voice our outrage at Trump’s inauguration and stand in solidarity with those protesting at J20 in Washington D.C. and around the world. On January 27th, NC United for Refugees and Immigrants convened the public and media to speak out against the impending bans on travelers, immigrants, and refugees. Stay tuned for more actions like these. We’re just getting started!

We Moved!

The Durham Solidarity Center has moved out of the Hayti Heritage Center and into a larger space at 1803 Chapel Hill Rd. (Suite C) in Durham. We are very excited about our new home! We will be offering meeting space and equipment rental once we get settled into our new space.

Of course, we couldn’t have made it this far without the awesome facility and staff at the Hayti Heritage Center! Please take a moment to check them out here.

You can come visit our new office on Sunday, April 2nd when we have our Open House!


Workers World Party- Durham Branch Presents:
Black Marxism: From Reparations to Du Bois to Black Lives Matter
Sunday, February 12 | 4pm
1803 Chapel Hill Rd, Suite C | Durham, NC

Join us for an engaging political discussion on W.E.B. Du Bois’ masterpiece, Black Reconstruction in America, 1860-1880.

In 1935 William Edward Burghardt Du Bois published Black Reconstruction, a sweeping analysis of the Civil War and Reconstruction period. Using a Marxist analysis, his work responded to a trend in historical analysis that, at best, completely ignored the role of enslaved and free Black people in the two events, or, at worst, framed them in racist stereotypes. On the contrary, Du Bois asserted, the outcome of the Civil War was entirely dependent on the role of Black people in it. Further, the demise of Reconstruction was the counterrevolutionary destruction of a move towards a labor dictatorship in the U.S.

We will discuss:
—> Du Bois’s Marxist analysis of the Civil War and Reconstruction period
—> Why and how Du Bois – the leading Black intellectual of his time – turned to Marxism
—> The centrality of the Black liberation struggle to all other struggles – then and now

The discussion will be led by LeiLani Dowell, a managing editor of Workers World newspaper.
RSVP and Share on Facebook

New Space, New Opportunities

Alissa Ellis will be joining Josh to provide office and administrative support for our new space, helping coordinate space and equipment reservations. We are excited to share our space and equipment with folks doing the great work of fighting for justice in our community. Look out for an update on our online reservation systems once they go live!


Triangle Unity May Day Coalition People’s Assembly

From Coalition Member Ben Carroll:
We had a powerful gathering this past weekend with over 100 people from many different struggles and organizations for our second Triangle People’s Assembly. Thanks to all of you who came up and contributed to the rich discussion about how to build the fightback in this period of Trump.

Get On the Bus to J20!


Buy a bus ticket!

Make an urgently needed donation to support the NC to #J20 delegation!



On January 20th, hundreds of thousands of people will be taking to the streets across the US against Trump’s accelerated assault on migrants, LGBTQ people, women, unions, people of color, and the entire working class.

Buses are leaving from across NC to bring people to join the massive demonstrations at Trump’s inauguration. See the list of cities below where transportation is being organized – or contact us if you are planning to organize a bus or carpool from your city so we can list it! Tickets are selling fast — don’t wait to reserve your seat!

Stay tuned for more info coming soon and be sure to check the NC 2 #J20 website for updates!

Buses to #J20Resist Counter-Inaugural Protests in DC

Charlotte |  Departs 11pm // Thursday, January 19 // Location TBA
More info:

Winston Salem | Departure info TBA
More info:

Greensboro | Deparature info TBA
More info:

Durham | Departs 1am // Friday, January 20 // 2220 N Roxboro St
More info:


Raleigh, 5:30pm, Friday, Jan 20, Northwest Corner of State Capital Building (corner of Edenton and Salisbury St.)

Durham, 5:30pm, Friday, Jan 20, downtown CCB Plaza, 201 Corcoran St.

If your part of the state does not have an action planned, contact the Durham Solidarity Center at for help organizing one!

Remember, an action can be as simple as stopping whatever you’re doing for 15-30 minutes, gathering others, and doing a prayer or raising a fist!

** Interested in volunteering to be a bus captain, help with other coordination, or outreach? Contact us at the email addresses listed above! **

New Video, Big Move!

Watch and Donate!

Check out this new video by Rahee celebrating 6 years of the Durham Solidarity Center and support us as we move into a new and larger space! DONATE TODAY!

Donations to the DSC support collaborative grassroots social justice efforts in the Triangle. As a monthly sustainer, your continued donations would support our bond fund,  which provides relief for brave freedom fighters, and a co-working space/resource-sharing hub to enhance cooperation among our partner organizations. Your donations will also go towards creating our movement home in our new offices where we will be able to host larger community meetings and provide more co-working space for local groups. Please donate today!

Here’s some of the organizations and projects the Durham Solidarity Center has supported, hosted, or and partnered with over the years!

• Triangle Unity May Day Coalition
• Occupy Durham and its many work groups
• The Southern Vision Alliance
• Ignite NC
• Youth Organizing Institute
• NC Student Power Union
• the Coalition to March on Wall Street South
• NC Raise Up
• BlackLivesMatter protests and legal defense
• Ad hoc committee for May 1 Solidarity with Baltimore
• Ad hoc committee for Solidarity with Charleston
• #SayHerName Durham
• Black Workers for Justice
• the NC Coalition to End Corporate Power
• Interpreting for Social Justice
• NC Queer Youth Power Coalition
• Muslims for Social Justice
• HB318 protests for immigrant rights
• “Building Revolutionaries,” Workers World classes
• The Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing National Youth Convening
• Talks & presentations by Lisa Fithian, the May 1 Coalition for Worker & Immigrant Rights, Raleigh FIST, and the Charlotte Solidarity Center.


We’re Moving!

The Durham Solidarity Center and our co-working organizations (Ignite NC, Workers World Party, Youth Organizing Institute, Southern Vision Alliance) are moving out of the Hayti Heritage Center and into a larger office around the corner in Durham. We can’t move alone! Do you have boxes? Bring em! Do you have a truck or van you can lend? We’ll need it! Can you help move items? We need you! We will provide light snacks and drinks for all helpers! Sign up with the link below.

Help Us Move On Saturday, Dec. 17th!