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8/14 Protesters pull down Confederate statue at old Durham County courthouse (CBS NC)

8/15 Deputies arrest protester who helped pull down Durham Confederate statue (ABC 11)

8/16 Durham protester charged in Confederate statue vandalism (WRAL)

8/16 Durham protester makes plea to sheriff: ‘There’s a right side and a wrong side’ (FOX 8)

8/16 Fourth person arrested after toppling of Durham County Confederate monument (The Herald Sun)

8/17 Durham, Duke protesters gather downtown in opposition of rumored white supremacist rally (The Duke Chronicle)

8/17 Solange quits Twitter, but gives shoutout to Durham protester who took down statue (The News & Observer)

8/17 8 now face charges in toppling of Confederate statue in Durham (The Herald Sun)

8/18 Latest: 1 demonstrator in custody following Durham protest, charged with failure to disperse (WRAL)

8/18 How the power of social media fueled counterprotest to false report of KKK march (Herald Sun)

8/18 Police confront protesters as rumor of KKK march brings crowd out in Durham (ABC 11)

8/18 Tense day in Durham ends in street standoff amid rumors of KKK march (The News & Observer)

8/18 Hundreds gather in downtown Durham to counter possible KKK march (Winston-Salem Journal)

8/18 ‘Fight until racism is completely dead:’ Downtown Durham protest ends with no injuries, 1 arrest (WRAL)

8/18 Durham police come to face-to-face with protesters after rumors of KKK rally surface (Spectrum News)

8/18 Durham police in riot gear face off with demonstrators (WBTV)

8/18 WATCH: Marchers in Durham protest white supremacists (Winston-Salem Journal)

8/18 Anti-KKK protesters claim victory in downtown Durham (The Daily Tarheel)

8/18 When was the last time the KKK marched in the Triangle? (Herald Sun)

8/18 One Arrested In Durham Protest As Police Dispersed Crowds (WFMY News)

8/18 Thousands Of Anti-KKK Protesters March Through Downtown Durham (WUNC)

8/18 Police confront protesters as rumor of KKK march brings crowd out in Durham (WWAY)

8/18 1 charged as Durham police in riot gear clear streets of protesters (WNCN)

8/19 RAJ ANDREW GHOSHAL: Durham’s statue valorized white supremacy. We can do better (WRAL, Opinion)

8/19 Protestors claim victory as white supremacists no show in Durham (WCNC)

8/21 Sheriff’s Office Confirms It Started Those “Rumors” About a KKK Rally in Durham (Indyweek)


8/15 Takiyah Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy)

8/15 Protester Arrested in Toppling of Confederate Statue in Durham (The New York Times)

8/15 Activists Topple Confederate Monument In North Carolina (NPR)

8/16 Takiyah Thompson, Hailed As ‘Hero,’ Showered With Support For Toppling Confederate Statue (The Huffington Post)

8/16 Activists Tried to Get Arrested After a Confederate Statue Was Toppled (Teen Vogue)

8/16 Meet the College Student Who Pulled Down a Confederate Statue in Durham & Defied White Supremacy

8/16 Takiyah Thompson Arrested For Role In Tearing Down Confederate Statue In Durham (Electronic Urban Report)

8/16 Takiyah Thompson, freedom fighter that climbed the Confederate statue, and others were arrested. Call District Attorney to drop charges… (International Action Center)

8/16 N.C. Activist Who Helped Tear Down Confederate Statue Arrested on Felony Charges (People)

8/16 Solange Deletes Twitter Account, Shows Support for Durham Protesters (Rolling Stone)

8/16 Solange Speaks Up for Durham Protester, Deletes Twitter Account (Pitchfork)

8/16 Solange Deleted Her Twitter To “Preserve Her Spirit” In Charlottesville Aftermath (Elite Daily)

8/16 Takiyah Thompson Arrested for Destroying Confederate Statue in Durham (Okayplayer)

8/16 College Student Takiyah Thompson Arrested For Dismantling North Carolina Confederate Statue (Vibe)

8/16 Solange Deletes Twitter Account After Condemning White Nationalists (Essence)

8/16 Who Is Takiyah Thompson? North Carolina Officials Arrested Her For Tearing Down A Confederate Statue (Bustle)

8/16 Solange calls out Nazis, praises Takiyah Thompson, then deletes her Twitter (Fast Company)

8/16 This is how you can help Durham protestor Takiyah Thompson (The Fader)

8/16 Freedom fighter Takiyah Thompson set to appear in court, you can help with her legal fees (Afropunk)

8/16 Activists Who Helped Topple Durham Confederate Statue Face Charges As Baltimore, Philadelphia Authorities Tackle Monuments (Colorlines)

8/16  Communist Group Member Arrested for Durham Statue Vandalism (American Lens)

8/16 More arrested in toppling of Confederate statue in North Carolina (Fox News)

8/16 Woman arrested for bringing down Durham, N.C., Confederate statue (NY Daily News)

8/17 Protesters in Durham “Turned Themselves In” to Show Solidarity with Takiyah Thompson (The Mary Sue)

8/17 Eight People Have Been Arrested for Pulling Down Durham’s Confederate Statue—There May Be More Soon (Mother Jones)

8/17 Stop telling me to get over slavery…when you can’t get over monuments to slavers. (Al Jazeera, Opinion)

8/17 8 now charged in toppling of Durham, N.C. Confederate statue (CBS News)

8/17 Eight people charged for toppling Confederate statue in Durham as scores line up to confess (The Washington Post)

8/17 Eight are charged in toppling of North Carolina statue as scores line up to confess (Chicago Tribune)

8/17 WATCH: Takiyah Thompson Explains Why She Helped Topple the Confederate Statue in Durham (Colorlines)

8/17 Protesters In Durham Hand Themselves Over To Authorities In Solidarity With Takiyah Thompson (The Fader)

8/17 Supporters Of Takiyah Thompson Turn Themselves In To Police For Removing Confederate Statue (Vibe)

8/17 Eight now face charges in toppling of Confederate statue in Durham (The Post-Gazette)

8/17 PSL solidarity statement to anti-racist activists arrested in Durham (Liberation News)

8/18 N.C. Police Face off With Protesters as Rumor of KKK March Brings out Thousands in Durham (People)

8/18 WATCH: Protesters Try To Surrender In Solidarity With Confederate Statue Topplers (WABE)

8/18 Protesters flood downtown Durham amid rumors of KKK rally (Newschannel 6)

8/18 Counter-protesters rally against potential KKK march in Durham, North Carolina (USA Today)

8/18 Thousands of counter protesters in Durham jump to action at rumored arrival of the KKK (Salon)

8/18 Durham protesters turn themselves in at police station after pulling down Confederate statue (Boing Boing)

8/18 Rioter Who Toppled Confederate Statue In Durham May Receive Scholarship (The Daily Caller)

8/18 Durham, Duke protesters gather downtown in opposition of rumored white supremacist rally (Express Newsline)

8/18 Durham County Closes Downtown Offices Amid Rumors of White Supremacist Rally (Newburgh Gazette)

8/18 Large demonstration in downtown Durham, NC (X News Press)

8/18 Anti-Racism Activists Confront KKK at North Carolina Courthouse (Registrar Journal)

8/18 Durham Filled With Protesters After Rumors of KKK Rally Spread (Newsmax)

8/18 Anti-hate protesters march in Durham, North Carolina, after KKK rally rumors (CBS)

8/18 Thousands Take to Durham Streets to Protest Rumored KKK Rally (The Stranger)

8/18 Man Raises Nazi Salute — Then Is Chased Out Of North Carolina Protest (The Forward)

8/18 Marchers in North Carolina Protest Supremacists (The Salamanca Press)

8/18 Did a Crowd of Counterprotesters in Durham, NC, Scare Off the KKK? (The Root)

8/18 Rumors Of KKK Rally In Durham Inspire Counterprotesters To Turn Out In Droves (The Huffington Post)

8/19 Durham’s Anti-Klan Block Party (The Atlantic)

8/19 The Confederate statue debate: 3 essential reads (The Conversation)

8/19 Tensions high after rumored KKK march in North Carolina (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

8/19 What will happen to those Confederate statues they’re taking down? Here are some options. (Mic)

8/19 Durham, N.C.: Klan in no-show after mass resistance (Workers World)

8/19 Marchers in Durham Protest White Supremacists (Apps for PC Daily)

8/19 Durham Protesters Show Solidarity With Takiyah Thompson By Turning Themselves In (Okayplayer)

8/21 Durham Residents Turned Out En Masse to Counter White Supremacists (The Nation)


8/19 Tensions flare during North Carolina protest as white supremacists warn KKK are coming back (Mirror)