NC At The R/DNC!


Solidarity Center NYC– Trump’s candidacy is drawing the most reactionary elements of the capitalist class to Cleveland for the RNC July 18 to 21. Their agenda is war, racism, raids and austerity.

In mid July thousands of activists from across the country who have mobilized to shut down Trump’s vicious agenda will join hands with people of Cleveland who are determined to resist the right-wing RNC extravaganza.

We urge support and unity for all the actions protesting Trump and the RNC – from the weekend People’s Convention to the Monday Dump Trump protest as the RNC opens, to all resistance through out the week.

Cleveland is notorious for racist police murders. Tamir Rice, Tanisha Anderson, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams are only the latest Black people murdered by the Cleveland Police Dept. Cleveland police will gain a vast new arsenal to be goons for Trump and the RNC and will continue to use these mega-weapons in their war on the Black community. This too we will protest.

But we must go beyond protest. We need fundamental change! We need organization, unity and fightback against this whole criminal capitalist system, independent of the two big capitalist parties.

When: July 17-21
Where: Cleveland, Ohio


Shut Down TRUMP & the RNC


Worker’s World Party and International Action Center, Philadelphia– Progressives, socialists, peace activists, feminists, environmentalists: Let’s build a united front to take on the racist, capitalist Democratic war machine!

The Presidential elections that take place every four years bring about only cosmetic changes: different faces running the government while the same billionaire masters still call all the shots. Whether it’s Clinton or Trump, Democrat or Republican, police will still terrorize us and low wages will keep us in or near poverty. That is, unless we fight back!

WE’VE HAD ENOUGH! No more fake “democracy” in our city!
NOT while racist cops run wild.
NOT while our public schools go criminally underfunded.
NOT while our people suffer some of the highest poverty levels in the country.

We demand self-government, not super rich capitalists. Free Mumia and all political prisoners! Reparations now! Women’s and LGBTQ liberation now! Abolish capitalism and oppression NOW! It’ll only happen if we FIGHT FOR IT!

When: July 25-28
Where: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


SHUT DOWN the DNC! Build the Movement to Smash Capitalism & Racism

CommonBound Conference, July 8-10, Buffalo, NY– CommonBound will bring together hundreds of leaders and organizations from across North America for an international conference on visionary strategies for achieving deep systemic change. Participants will share insights and stories, build relationships, highlight achievements, and chart a shared path toward a society that puts people and planet first. Participants will include a cross-section of community leaders, thinkers, and practitioners from around the world, including the New Economy Coalition’s 140-plus member organizations from throughout the US and Canada.

The conference will feature more than 20 workshop tracks and day-long gatherings exploring a range of topics, including:

  • Democratizing energy systems in the face of accelerating climate change
  • Racial justice, and building an economy where black lives and liberation matter
  • Game-changing pushes for policy and state power to achieve structural change
  • Developing vibrant local economies without displacing communities
  • Hacking emergent technologies in service of redistributive ends
  • Worker ownership and community enterprise as vehicles for democratizing the economy
  • …and much more!

When: July 8 -10
Where: Buffalo, New York

Report From March for MORE

Elizabeth Simpson– On June 14 and 15, over 50 parents, educators, and students marched for 23 miles over the course of two hot days in order to meet with Governor McCrory. They called for McCrory to use a $300 million budget “surplus” as an increase in per-student spending in the form of more teachers, more teaching assistants, more counselors, and more resources for the classroom. They also called on McCrory to support an immediate expansion of Medicaid. Though he was given a week to clear his schedule for the meeting, the Governor refused to meet with them and locked the doors to the Old Capitol before the close of business hours. At that point, 14 teachers and teaching assistants took to the street, leading to their arrest.

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