Stronger Together!

Triangle Unity May Day Coalition Forum to build a local People’s Assembly

Saturday, September 17, 1pm-4pm
Teamsters Union hall at 6217 Angus Dr., Raleigh
(off HWY 70 only 20 minutes away from Durham)
Join the Triangle Unity May Day Coalition as we continue our efforts to unite local progressive movements across the Triangle and across the state. This public forum will help to engage local activists to build a strategic vision for a broader People’s Assembly. How do we identify our common demands, and target pressure on our common enemies? Beyond just showing up at each others events, what does real solidarity and unity look like in our local movement? Some of these questions and more we hope to begin to start tackling.

Organizations coming together are working around a broad list of issues including: Immigrants Rights/stop deportations, Black Lives Matter/racist police repression, low wage worker/union organizing, fighting Islamophobia, ending wars, boycott, divestment and sanctions to support free Palestine, funding for public education and all public services, pushing back against HB2 and attacks on LGBTQ people and all struggles for justice.

Hard Time Are Fighting Times Conference — Building the Movement for Liberation, Revolution, and Socialism in the South

Saturday, September 24 | 9am – 5pm

Join Workers World Party in Durham, North Carolina for a fightback conference on the resistance against racism and capitalism, and the struggle for socialism where we’ll discuss

  • Ending the police war on Black & Brown people & defending the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Stopping the raids & deportations & disarming ICE & the police
  • Smashing HB2, defending queer and trans people, fighting for LGBTQ liberation now
  • Fighting imperialism, for a free Palestine, and building international solidarity
  • Abolishing capitalism and fighting for revolutionary socialism