Urgent Appeal: Support Trans and Queer Activists Arrested Tonight in Raleigh!

Photo by Bryan Perlmutter

Photo by Bryan Perlmutter

As You Read This, Protesters Arrested in Raleigh Tonight Need Your Help!

Brave queer, trans and allied North Carolinians were arrested tonight for shutting down the street at the NC Governor’s mansion as part of the Black Lives Matter and Queer/Trans People of Color’s protests of HB2 in Raleigh.

HB2 is a bill that the NCGA and Pat McCrory have passed that rolls back protections for LGBTQ folks in a Charlotte city ordinance, enforcing a statewide standard that would make trans and queer people vulnerable to workplace discrimination, criminalization in the restroom, and block cities from raising the minimum wage.

Let NC legislators know that you stand with our state’s queer and trans population and that we take care of our own. Help these fighters get back to their lives and pay their legal fees!

To learn about Durham Solidarity Center’s Freedom Fighter Bond Fund, click here.

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