Durham May Day Recap!

On May 1st, International Workers Day, people from all over the world demonstrated in the name of rights for all workers, all over the world. Some of the demands included a living wage, rights for all workers in and outside of the workplace, equality for incarcerated workers, an end to deportations and ICE raids, the right to unionize, stop the eviction crisis, fully funded public schools, an end to the school-prison pipeline, and many more!

In Durham, the May Day rally, was organized by the Durham Workers Assembly, a group of organizers and union members, who strive to unite all working class people, demand rights in the workplace, and turn Durham into a union town! The rally and march was also sponsored by many other local organizations, including SEIU, UE 150, Socialist party USA, Workers World Party, and the IWW.

The marchers, largely made up of Black and brown, working class folks, met up at the Durham Police Department, where they held up their signs reading “Workers Day, $15/hr and unions for all, end Ice Raids” and “Abolish Capitalism, fight injustice, Build a Workers World”. The rallies then marched to the new Police department, chanting “we work, we sweat, throw 15 on our check” and “the workers, united, will never be divided”.

Following the gathering at the new police headquarters, many activist, union members, teachers, and others, spoke on the ways in which they want to see the living and working qualities in Durham change. By request of the Fight for 15 organizers, they then marched to a local McDonald’s and had more speakers demand $15 and hour and an end to oppression in the workplace.

May 16: Teacher-Student March on Raleigh!

#GetReady educators, parents, public school supporters & advocates! We will be marching for students the morning of May 16th from NCAE Headquarters to the General Assembly to greet lawmakers on opening day. We will meet no later than 10 a.m. at NCAE HQ, 700 S. Salisbury St. We will end the day at 3:30 p.m. with a Rally for Respect.

North Carolina is one of the worst in the country in the amount our elected leaders spend per student, more than $3,000 behind the national average. Imagine what $3,000 per student could mean for our children. However, we have the lowest corporate tax rate in the country for states that have one–and it’s set to go lower again.

North Carolina ranks 35th for teacher pay, about $9,000 behind the national average. When adjusting for inflation, educators are losing money(almost 12 percent)—the third worst rate in the country.

Our students deserve better. They deserve the resources to help make them successful. They deserve professionally paid educators. They deserve safe schools and schools that are not crumbling and in disrepair. We love our public schools and we demand better!

On May 16, we march for students, we rally for respect, and we advocate for public schools. As you know, we recognize #Red4Ed on Wednesdays. Let’s have a sea of #Red4Ed on Jones Street on May 16.


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